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A Summer Blue (by DrakeRaynier) :icongiospy:GioSpy 13 4 Cute Blue Dragoness (by GhoulHound) :icongiospy:GioSpy 5 5 FurDU Badge (by mikio) :icongiospy:GioSpy 10 2 Lifting Weights (by Merrowsong) :icongiospy:GioSpy 20 4 That smirk - By Tanks :icongiospy:GioSpy 21 4 Nice Day Out (By Fox-Die) :icongiospy:GioSpy 25 10 Poolside Dragoness - Badge Prize :icongiospy:GioSpy 26 10
I breathed heavily as I sped down the freeway, hearing the sirens of the many police cars wailing behind me. My security uniform was stained with sweat, an obvious sign of my utter exhaustion to what I had done just moments before. I'm not entirely sure what I had done, or what I had prevented.
I took in a deep, long breath, trying to stay calm as I ducked and weaved through the traffic. The amount of cars was unusually high for this time of night and I knew that I had to get off the freeway soon since I couldn't dodge cars forever.
I saw the next exit approach and took it, veering to the right to drive onto it, thankful that there were no cars on the narrow, one-lane ramp. I briefly glanced at my rear-view mirror and was both disappointed and unsurprised that the police cars were still in pursuit of me.
In my right hand clutched my pistol, a standard one that my, now former, employers issued for me. It was unfortunately out of bullets from my previous escape but I still held it tightl
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The College Drag, Part 4
Wednesday morning was just another cookie cutter morning for me. Math and English were the usual. Getting saddled with a lot of assignments and get them done in a very short time span. Mr. Sexton was nice enough to let us off with only forty problems instead of the usual eighty. I would have to power through them at work, or at least try to.  Miss Kowski told us to come up with a poem. I made one up on the spot. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. She liked it a lot and took it as my assignment, so that was done before I even left the room. Less work for me equals more fun times. I had three hours to kill between class and work. I found myself just walking around the campus. I did go to get some food at Sonic down the road, but that only took up about forty-five minutes to an hour. I was so bored; I started to just fling rocks into the woods next to the Science Building. They wouldn’t let people skip stone on the ponds, they said it was bad for them. H
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 92 91
The College Drag, Part 3
    When I woke up the Sunday morning, I knew I was not going to have fun getting out bed. I felt worse than I did after Storming the Farm. Every joint was so stiff that I sounded like a popcorn maker. I tried to make it as painless as possible by moving slowly. That was not going to help because when I got to moving my tail, about in the middle of it, it made such a loud pop that Sam heard it from her room across the hall and both our doors were shut. It also didn’t help that immediately after I yelled,
I grabbed my tail a rubbed it so fast I thought I was going to set it on fire. Sam came running to see what happened only to find me rubbing my tail like it was a wish granting lamp.
“That one must have hurt.” She said.
“Stupid GAP, using my tail to hold all their crap.” I grumbled, the pain subsiding a little.
“Here, I’ll get you one of those icy-hot packs.” She said as she ran off to the kitchen.
When s
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 91 64
The College Drag, Part 2
The sun light hit my face the next day, making it impossible to keep sleeping. It was getting easier to sleep on my back like I used to. I guess I was getting used to the pressure on my wings. I rolled over to look at my alarm clock, my eyes flew wide open and my blood pressure spiked when I saw it. It was 7:45 and I had BIO 130 at 8:15.
‘I should be on the road by now! Not getting out of bed!’ I yelled at myself in my head.
I scrambled out of bed and into my clothes as fast as I could. I skipped breakfast and brushed my teeth to get out the dragon morning breath, that was a must. I ran out the door in record time with the garbage bag and fired up the Ford. Running as fast as I could to the burning pile and back just trying to pick up any lost time. The Ford was feeling pretty good that day. She tore out the driveway as fast as she could, not missing a beat. I love that truck; she always seems to know when to move. The drive there was intense; I drove as fast as I could. I mu
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 97 143
The College Drag, Part 1
The College Drag.
    When faced with a difficult situation, the best solution is to take it head on. Drive out the opposition from their hidden positions and deal with them. Any other method can result in unfinished work and that can have dire consequences if you are not really careful.
    Well, my summer vacation went pretty well. I mostly played video games, went to movies and played as much airsoft as I could. I really improved my game over the summer and my M16, the Buzzsaw, got even better parts. She went from stock to rock your face off over one summer, but I still had a ways to go before I consider her done. Operation Storming the Farm was the highlight of my summer. The Gladiators won it and we showed the Skulls what we were made of. They taunted us on the forums, they were so sure that they would beat us. It wasn’t a total sweep, but we built up such a large lead, there was no way they could h
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 163 94
Here's My Two Weeks: Part 5
When I opened my eyes, I felt like something was wrong. I could immediately tell that I was right because I saw I was lying on grass.
“What the heck?” I asked myself as I stood up.
That’s when I noticed my hands; they were my old human hands. I felt my face, no scaled muzzle, just flesh. My wings and tail were gone too. I was a human again, but I still had my black jeans, black shirt, red coat and red, wide brimmed hat. They were reformed to fit me.
“Okay, this is weird.” I said.
I looked around to see I was in a pasture, but not just any pasture. I was back at the camp site for Storming the Farm. All the tents and stuff was around, but nobody was there. I turned around to see Pat and Sam lying on the couches they feel asleep on, but those couches were now in the camp site.
“Hey guys, you might what to get up.” I said as I kept looking around the area.
“Some people are trying to sleep.” said Pat.
“Stop bothering us you big lizard.”
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 90 80
Here's My Two Weeks: Part 4
       I opened my eyes, thinking I was waking up, to a sight that wasn’t my room. I looked around the area I was in, trying to make sense of it. My stuff was nowhere to be seen, and the smell was dank and damp. The walls were not square, but rounded rock. I was in a cave. I looked at floor I was laying on, more rock. Now I was freaked out.
‘How did I get in a cave?’ I thought.
I stood up and realized something was wrong. I was still a dragon, but my night clothes were gone. I was naked. Granted still nothing to see but scales, but still I didn’t like it. I walked out of the cave into the daylight. It was quite a sight, the mountains, the hills, the valley, all covered by trees and grass. To top it off, a beautiful blue sky with just the right amount of puffy, white clouds. I couldn’t shake the feeling like this was an illusion, something was showing me this. I don’t like to be played with.
“Okay, nice view.” I
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 80 80
Here's My Two Weeks: Part 3
        I woke up to a wonderful Sunday morning and I was going to do my favorite thing to do, nothing. I was going to stay in bed till 10:00. I just laid there, thinking about anything that came to mind. Bits of stories I was working on, strategies for beating bosses in games I was playing, just anything. Everyone one else in the house had the same idea. I didn’t hear anyone moving till 9:00. I finally climbed out of bed at 10:15 and stumbled into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, which takes longer now and filed my claws dull so I could use things easier without fear of tearing them up. After that I went to the kitchen, I was hungry. It was close enough to lunch that all I could have was a snack so I got an apple. As I munched away at my apple I turned on the TV. The first thing I saw was a news reporter talking about something and in the corner of the screen in big letters was, “Dragon Sighted.” I turned up the volume.
“A r
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 81 38
Here's My Two Weeks: Part 2
        The morning went like normal, with addition of trying to wake up Pat early enough for the trip to the zoo. He didn’t wake up till 9:30 and that was because I had to roar into the game room. It was pretty funny, Pat didn’t think so.
“Come on, it was only a little one.” I said.
“It was loud enough to give me a heart attack.” said Pat as he grabbed his chest.
“Oh, you’re fine. Come on, it’s quite a drive to St. Louis and we have to get going early.”
“Okay, but no more roaring.”
It was tricky to figure out a way to fit four humans and an 8’ dragon into one car. I wished we still had the Oldsmobile, that thing was huge. All we had was my truck, Dad’s GMC Sierra and a Kia Sophia. We decided that the only way this could work is if I took my truck and Pat, while everyone else rode in the GMC. It was fun to squish back into my truck, it’s not that bad. I like driving, so ge
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 80 34
Here's My Two Weeks: Part 1
When life takes an unexpected turn, your only real choice to make the best of it. You must keep moving forward in your life to get anywhere. Unexpected turns can be just the thing you need or they can break you. Which one is up to you.
With Storming the Farm over and two weeks before I had to go back to work at the library and back to class, I had a lot of time on my claws. So I did what any guy my age would do, anything that popped into my head. I don’t think I made a lot of bad choices, I just may have rushed into a few things. Well enough of that, time to tell you what happened next.
My head felt like crap, a dull ache pounding in my skull. I didn’t want to open my eyes. My muscles screamed at me not to move them and my joints popped every time I did move. There was a mild burn in my veins from the adrenaline that was long since gone. Ah, Sam’s apply named airsoft hangover. Any airsofter get these, the after effects of playing the game. It’s even worse after Ops.
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 109 60
Operation: Dragon, Part 2
        Operation: Dragon, Part 2
        With me being turned into a bipedal, red and yellow dragon, this airsoft OP was getting a little more complicated then I would have liked. But with help from Sam and my friends, I managed to get back on my feet. Now on the rest of the story.
        “Sam, you almost ready?” I asked.
“Almost,” she yelled back from the other side of our little camp site, “I just need to load the last few mags.”
“Well, I’m heading to the bonfire. I think John is about to announce the next game.”
“Sure, I’ll be with you in minute.”
I walked off towards the bonfire. As I passed out of the blue light of my camp and into the orange light of the bonfire, I must have been something to see. Lumbering out of the darkness was a 8’ tall dragon, armed with an M16 in its claws. A number of peop
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 129 87
Operation: Dragon, Part 1
Operation: Dragon.
This a story of what can happen if all the pieces are in place. One of the most interesting things about the world is the sheer lack of appreciation for its size. The world is a big place, anything can happen. Nothing is impossible, only improbable.
My name is Ethan, my friends call me Farm Fresh and I was just your typical 6’ 1” lanky college guy. I’m going to tell you a story of what happened when I was at an airsoft operation. This story may sound a little out there. Well, I have learned to keep my mind open. Never over look the unlikely or it could be costly. I found that out the hard way. But before I go off on one of my long philosophical rants that can bore my parents to tears, let me begin my story. It all happened in late July of last year.
One hour north of De Soto MO.
“Are we there yet?” asked my little sister Sam. She is a small framed girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. She is only about 5’4”, but don’t let that f
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 206 187
The Mind Manifests 6
The Mind Manifests Chapter 6
  Everything was a blur that only gradually came into focus. I looked around, and I was in a giant cylinder. Next to me on both sides, were various creatures, all in cylinders of their own, each of them giving off a faint glow, each of a different color. I looked at myself, I was glowing green and had a body covered in scales. I looked beyond the tube, and saw two people talking.
  "Are they ready to ship yet?"
  "Yes, we started the fusion cycles in all of them, they're all ready…but where's my payment?"
  "Right here."
  A bright blue flash, and one of the two people fell to the floor, the other holding a gun of some kind.
  I woke up with a shout, breathing heavily, I had fallen asleep in the back of the truck. We were just now pulling into the driveway. I saw David giving me a worried look "You alright? You seemed to be having a nightmare."
  "Yeah, I'm fine."
:iconwarp2002:warp2002 15 50
The Mind Manifests 5
The Mind Manifests Chapter 5
  Nearly an hour later, my shirt was ready for test fitting. It was my favorite shirt, a black T, with a glow in the dark ribcage on it, and it now had two long upside-down teardrops cut out of it for my wings. I tucked my wings in tightly, and started slipping the shirt over them, but once I got the lower edge past my chest, I saw a problem "you know, they make this sound much easier in the stories." I had to push my wings out slightly, keeping the fingered part folded as tightly as I could, and stretch the shirt slightly to get it past my wingtips, and then I was able to get my head through the neck, accidentally causing a small tear as one of my horns got caught. Once my arms were in the sleeves, it was finally on.
  "Okay, we should put buttons or zippers on the other shirts…actually, I think I'm gonna need this one cut to take it back off."
  I tried to take the shirt back off, and with some effort, I had my torso fre
:iconwarp2002:warp2002 14 25
The Mind Manifests 4
The Mind Manifests Chapter 4
  I hit the floor just as David started filming. Everyone would see this, and this was the last step, I had to save face, no matter how bad it hurt, I had to maintain composure, I couldn't let myself break down.
  The changes started on my feet first and progressed rapidly. My shins shortened as my feet grew longer. My four smaller toes on each foot fused into two larger toes, making a total of three on each foot as the toenails on the remaining, larger ones, grew longer and sharper, mutating into claws, as a dewclaw, or talon, whichever you prefer to call it, pushed out of my heel. In mere seconds, scales met one another, and now the only part of my body still human was my head.
  Moments later, my head began changing, hair fell out in clumps to the floor as scales started sprouting and my teeth fell out. I spit them to the floor, along with much blood, as my nose started bleeding just before my vision went black. Though I cou
:iconwarp2002:warp2002 21 39
The Mind Manifests 3
The Mind Manifests Chapter 3
  My Dad leaned against the sink and motioned for me to sit down on the side of the tub, so I did, my wings and tail taking up most of it. Once I was seated, he began "I never really thought something like this was possible, so I never planned for it, but it's happening nonetheless. I read that book you wrote, and in it you took off and hid in a cave for two weeks, before hanging out with dragons for half a year. I need to know that you know that you won't need to do that in real life, your Mother and I will be here for you, you don't need to worry, you're still our son, no matter what happens."
  I just looked at the floor, at my bare feet, which I knew were going to be clawed and three-toed before too long, and replied "Thanks, I was worried you'd start freaking out, like mom when she tossed that crystal out."
  "About that, are you really that dependant? Can you die from it?"
  "I don't know, but it felt like I was
:iconwarp2002:warp2002 21 48
The Mind Manifests 2
The Mind Manifests Chapter 2
  I woke up in a strange place, I was drifting through space, I had no material body, I was just a drifting consciousness, all around me were hundreds of thousands of others, every creature imaginable, just hovering about. I looked down and I saw a large blue sphere, approaching faster and faster and faster. I then realized it was not it apporaching me, but me aporaching it. I kept gaining speed and just as I thought I couldn't go any faster, fire began forming around me, and it kept getting hotter and hotter. I  was plunging into an atmosphere of a strange world. I couldn't take the heat, it was unbearable, I just wanted it to end. In front of me, I saw the ground approaching. I soared over the landscape blindingly fast, and the instant before I hit, I locked eyes with a strange alien, staring at me just before I went sailing into a cluster of trees.
  I woke up in a sweat, the room was spinning, and I felt sick, like I
:iconwarp2002:warp2002 20 25





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