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I breathed heavily as I sped down the freeway, hearing the sirens of the many police cars wailing behind me. My security uniform was stained with sweat, an obvious sign of my utter exhaustion to what I had done just moments before. I'm not entirely sure what I had done, or what I had prevented.
I took in a deep, long breath, trying to stay calm as I ducked and weaved through the traffic. The amount of cars was unusually high for this time of night and I knew that I had to get off the freeway soon since I couldn't dodge cars forever.
I saw the next exit approach and took it, veering to the right to drive onto it, thankful that there were no cars on the narrow, one-lane ramp. I briefly glanced at my rear-view mirror and was both disappointed and unsurprised that the police cars were still in pursuit of me.
In my right hand clutched my pistol, a standard one that my, now former, employers issued for me. It was unfortunately out of bullets from my previous escape but I still held it tightl
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Alex Becomes Mythical
Alex was cleaning his closet, trying to catch up on his spring cleaning. The closet was filled with clothes that he needed to give away, clothes that wear dirty, and miscellaneous items that he didn't know what to do with.
"Oh, what a bother," he said, throwing a sweaty shirt out into his room.
Eventually, he stumbled upon what looked like a jewelry box the size of his forearm. "Hmm, I don't remember this," he said to himself. Then again, he didn't exactly remember some other offbeat things he found so far either. But this object in particular really caught his eye. He picked it up, blew the dust off of it, and opened it. Inside he found a pile of various coins and colorful beads.
However, there was something else sticking out of the pile. It looked like a black disembodied claw. "I wonder what this is?" Alex wondered. He reached his hand into the pile of beads and coins and felt that the claw was connected to something a bit bigger. He pulled the entire object out.
"Hey, look at this,
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Thief's Reward TG TF
The temperature was getting slightly warmer as I ventured into the forest. I kept my head low, and my bow at the ready. It was getting dark, so I had to find a place to camp for the night soon. But I was getting close to the loot—I could feel it.
I walked quietly, my leather boots squashing the grass beneath me, as I sniffed the air for any signs of danger. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary—But somehow, I knew something was off. I could feel it in my bones.
That was when I first saw it—through the myriad of trees, there was some kind of unnatural formation, made out of wood. I couldn't discern it from this far away, so I moved closer, making sure to keep silent. I grinned, as it came into view; a shack, in a clearing! I began to wonder what kind of loot I'd find inside!  ...Yes, I know, a handsome boy like me, a thief? Hey, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do—even if it meant stealing, and hunting to survive. Tough times call for desperate measures.
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